10kt Past Present Future Cubic Zirconia Pendant
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10kt Past Present Future Cubic Zirconia Pendant

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Being offered for sale today is a pretty 10kt yellow gold past, present and future cubic zirconia pendant. 

This pendant is solid 10kt  yellow gold, we didn't have a chain for it but we put it on a 14kt yellow gold filled chain.  The chain is very thick and measures 19" in length.  We wanted you to be able to wear this beautiful pendant right away and the chain will work great until you can upgrade to another chain.  The pendant holds three round cubic zirconias that are extremely flashy and bright.  Nobody will ever know these are cubic zirconias unless you tell them, they look just like perfect, flashy diamonds. 

The pendant's stones have a measured carat weight of one full carat.  You get the $1,500.00 look without the price tag!

Stamped 10k CI CZ on the pendant and the chain is stamped 1/20th 14k GF.

There's actual gold in the chain, it's filled with real gold.  The finish is richer looking than the 10kt gold pendant. 

Excellent condition

The chain weighs 6.8 grams and the pendant measures 1.8 grams, 8.6 grams total.


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