10kt Yellow Gold Amethyst Bracelet
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10kt Yellow Gold Amethyst Bracelet

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Being offered for sale today is a lovely 10kt yellow gold beautiful amethyst bracelet. 

This bracelet holds 9 purple amethyst stones and two diamond chips.  The amethyst in the center has a diamond chip along each side.  The rest of the amethyst have a diamond illusion setting along each side of the amethyst. 

The color is a beautiful vibrant purple.

The stones each measure approx. 5mm x 3mm and have a measured carat weight equivalent to .25 carats for a total of 2.25 carat total equivalent weight. 

The bracelet is very nice, shiny, bright and flashy

Engraved 10k on the lobster clasp

Excellent condition

The bracelet is 7" in length and weighs 3.9 grams.


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