14kt & Platinum 1.50 C.T.W. 2 PC Diamond Bridal Wedding Ring Set
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14kt & Platinum 1.50 C.T.W. 2 PC Diamond Bridal Wedding Ring Set

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Being offered for sale today is a gorgeous two piece 14kt white gold and platinum bridal set from Helzberg Diamonds.

This gorgeous ring set is 1.5 carat total diamond weight. 

The engagement ring is a past, present and future diamond ring.  The center diamond is a 1/2 carat with each side diamond being 1/4 carat each and this ring is one full carat all by itself.  This ring is 14kt white gold and platinum.  Stamped inside the band, 14k Plat and Magicglo.  The center diamond measures 5.21mm and each side diamond measures 4.1mm.  The band of the ring is white gold with the tulip style setting done in platinum. 

The contoured wedding band is curved to fit snuggly up the the engagement ring.  This ring holds 9 diamonds that are channel set across the front of the band and is .50 carat total diamond weight.  This ring is stamped, Magicglo and 14k.  

The original owner stated they were purchased at Helzbergs and cost over $4,000 for both ring with tax but she didn't provide a copy of the receipts but I did go to the Helzbergs website and did find similar rings.  The past, present and future ring I found at helzbergs looks the same as this one but our ring holds a .50 carat center diamond and theirs holds a .38 carat center diamond and theirs is all white gold and no platinum.  Their ring retails for $1,999.99 plus tax.  That's not including the wedding band ring either.   I managed to find a similar wedding band that has the contoured fit, their ring has 11 diamonds in it and ours have 9 so that means we have larger, more valuable diamonds.  Their 1/2 carat contoured wedding band ring retails for $1,399.00 plus tax.  So far that's a total of $3,398 before tax for the set that is almost the same as ours but has smaller diamonds.   If your interested in comparing these rings I will give you the item numbers below, you can type them into Helzbergs websites search section and these two rings that I am using to compare will come up.  The past, present and future rings item number is 2130917 and the wedding bands item numberis 1621720.

All our diamonds are nice and clear, flashy, shiny and bright! 

I1 clarity and H/I color

Excellent condition

The front measures 9.69mm in height.

In between size of 6.25 and 6.5.  

They weigh 6.9 grams.


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