Vintage Knuckle to Knuckle 10k Natural Jade Ring Sz 6.25
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Vintage Knuckle to Knuckle 10k Natural Jade Ring Sz 6.25

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Being offered for sale today is a lovely vintage 10kt natural jade ring. 

This ring is very large, a knuckle to knuckle style.  It measures 1.05" at the front in height. 

The ring is stamped 18k inside the band but we electronically tested the gold at 10k. 

The vintage design work in the gold is very nice and the stone is natural jade.  

The stone feels a slight bit wiggly in it's setting.  We had it checked to be tightened but the jeweler said it was fine and secure the way it is now.  She didn't want to tighten it down real tight as she was afraid it would damage the jade so we left it the way it is. No problem but just needed to mention it! 

The band measures 2.7mm all the way around the ring.

Engraved 18K

Excellent perfect condition for a vintage ring!

The front measures 1.05" in height.

It is size 6.25 (resizable) and weighs 4.45 grams.


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